Compliance and Regulatory

Compliance and regulatory overview

Protects and Safeguards Network Safety Against Attacks

Nowadays, the internet has become a necessity for all generations around the world. All devices are connected. Therefore, it is extremely important to defend the network against abuses and attacks.


etwork and cyber securities are becoming the most important part of network communications.

A lot of industry-standard organizations and government authorities require strong enforcement for compliance to make the national network safer for everyone to use, and to protect users from being bullied and attacked including parental controls, anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-phishing.  Also, some social media and Internet OTTs are abused with inappropriate information including damaging propaganda that can lead to severe violence, hate crimes, network bullies, and riots. Other issues include uncontrollable access to unethical internet postings.

Regulatory compliance has become a mission-critical for national authorities and Communication Service Providers (CSP). As requested by the authorities, CSPs are required to capture, analyze, take proper actions, and retain records of any harmful content. They also need to safeguard communication infrastructure against service attacks. GreeNet adapts a number of globally recognized non-biased organizations to block access to a certain website in the blacklist database, especially for child safety. GreeNet also uses the world's most reputable network security databases to capture, analyze, act to block, and report any abnormal network activities.

GreeNet’s Regulatory Compliance delivers industry-leading scalability, flexibility, and classification solutions. With our network security solutions, we help service providers launch new services that the market needs while increasing their ARPU from the subscriber base.