Super Intelligent Network Element (SINE)

super intelligent network element overview

GreenNet's Patented Network Analysis and Security Solutions

Communication Service Providers uses GreeNet's patented SINE technology for a full range of solutions from analytics to security. SINE has been deployed widely in a number of global service providers and international roaming partners.


INE offers a rich portfolio of innovative SDN/NFV network solutions, along with giving granular visibility of traffic in fixed and mobile, networks.

SINE is developed on universal x86server hardware utilizing Control-Plane and User-Plane separation (CUPS) architecture, to monitor, analyze, identify the root cause and for predictive maintenance in edge access, edge computing and edge storage.  SINE uses DPI to provide network analysis and network security.  

As an edge intelligent access device, SINE is deployed close to the user edge.  This innovative deployment approach gives operators more flexibility and makes the management and control of SINE more reliable. SINE’s technology combined with third-party caching and CDN systems stores hotspot resources close to the subscriber to enhance the user's online experience.  SINE also stores a large number of original CDR data records, to provide relevant, accurate, and granular data:  

  • LTE service awareness and analytics system
  • VoLTE end-to-end analytics system
  • Personal Security System including anti-malware, anti-DDoS, anti-phishing, spyware, Trojan Horses attacks
  • IoTs service stability system
  • Edge Compute Systems including BRAS, MEC, Edge Storage
  • UPF for 5G networks
  • Interfaces to Integrate with broadband management, caching and network optimization systems

SINE extracts and centralizes the user management functions of multiple BRAS/BNG devices, forming a unified and centralized control plane for user control management. At the same time, the data plane takes responsibility as the network edge and user policy implementation. The solution is to provide network inter-communication, authentication, data analysis, edge storage, edge computing, and other functions at the edge of the network.

Modular Design

SINE is designed and developed with modular architecture from the beginning.  This approach gives the highest flexibility for making any enhancement of existing applications, to create a new one, or to integrate with some third-party solutions, whenever a new requirement is coming up.  With SINE, the time for development is reduced significantly.  As a result, not only will speed up the time to launch new services, it also gives a faster time to start monetarizing new revenues and a shorter time to address customer’s complaints about better customer satisfaction. 

These are a few examples of solutions that are launched by our customers.  They are launched as network functions, compliance checking, content acceleration, and DDOS near-source suppression,

Content Acceleration

Support SINE integrated caching function to achieve CDN CACHE sinking.

DPI and Compliance Checking

Support DPI function, realize the detection function of illegal communication content and network bullying

Network Functions

Support functions such as authorization, authentication, and accounting, access, routing, and VPN

Network Security

Through the modular combination architecture of SINE itself, functions of network security function can be integrated to achieve network security and other services

Value-Added Services

Support fast response value-added services, such as application acceleration, daily package, user self-provisioning