INAS Awareness Solutions

INAS overview

Detect, Visual and Control Network Elements

Our Intelligent Network Awareness Solution (INAS) combines advanced detection techniques with full network visibility for fixed and mobile environments, and integrates with various network infrastructure tools to detect threats, visualize communications, and respond quickly and effectively to the service providers and customers’ needs.


he business challenge Communication Service Providers (CSPs) facing today include ever-expanding data traffic, flat or declining ARPU, fierce competition, and revenue-eating OTT applications. In the face of these challenges, CSPs must find a way to lower their operational and capital costs while delivering attractive services and a high quality of experience. GreeNet’s advanced INAS solution is able to satisfy both the CSPs need for reduced expenditure while meeting users' high expectations.

In the fixed network environment, INAS captures a rich variety of network flow information such as IP, application, user, usage, and quality of experience in real-time, and transforms and stores the granular IP traffic and outputs XDRs for analysis. The solution supports multi-dimensional data analysis from users, applications, and usage contexts.


INAS Network Awareness gives CSPs excellent visibility of the network behavior for their users, including: illegal access, VoIP detection, and information security, that drives to the following focus:

Network Visibility

Collects, aggregates and distributes of granular data network analysis.

Traffic Analysis

Analyses the network data consumption and uncovers the causes of network behaviors and disruptions.

Service Awareness

Identifies network behavior to detect threats, visualize communications and response quickly to the customer's needs.

User Behavior Analysis

Captures network granular IP traffic and output to XDR for user behavior analysis including security information and application detections.

Satisfied Customers

In the mobile environment, INAS’ service awareness provides full visibility of all IP traffic using the network. This capability gives CSPs the ability to collect granular data from mobile core network links, generate xDRs, correlate wireless OMC data, and provide end-to-end data analysis on network performance, user behavior, and quality of service. 

From the data collected from user devices, wireless networks, IP-RAN, core network, and service platform, end-to-end analytics are established to assess all awareness indicators.

CSPs could use and take advantage of the results to determine poor voice quality areas in the network for smarter network maintenance, service optimization, and planning.  Customer service agents can use the diagnosed results to handle user complaints such as slow web page loading, video stalling, and game service interruption.