INAS for IoT Analytics

IoT analytics overview

Deep Data and Network Protocol Analytics for Internet of Things

Our IoT Analytics solution focuses on delivering:

  • Measurable business value;
  • Using intelligent data processes; and
  • Real-time data analytics for business and OAM purposes.

Our Solution manages the QoS issues within operations by helping discover the network elements including device type and mode of connections, enabling service providers to unlock a deep understanding of the network for smart decision making.


he internet of things (IOT) is growing across a broad range of industries that now connect tens of thousands of devices to the network.

INAS’ IoT Analytics is a solution for CSPs to collect data from the IoT edge and to uncover actionable insight.

Our IoT Analytics solution provides CSPs and their customers deep insight into their network and data to allow for smart business decision making.

The solution deploys in the mobile network-side. It collects granular network data and conducts analytics to:
  • Support most wireless networks including but not limited to: 2G, 3G, LTE, NB-IoT, VPDN
  • Seamlessly collection of data from device(s) and network(s)
  • Identify multiple protocols
  • Improve per-node high processing power of 50Gbps for analytics and 3Gbps for signaling
  • Upgrade with minimal effort as a result of our modular approach
  • Customized reporting and services based on user requirements

Our INAS IoT Security Solution is designed to protect against IoT threats in the mobile and fixed networks. This is done by undertaking:

- IoT behavior analysis
- DDoS detection and defense
- IoT Gateway protections

INAS IoT Cell Site Optimization is a capability to analyze and offer a solution to improve both network coverage and communication efficiency for all IoT devices in the network.