INAS for VoLTE Analytics

VoLTE analytics overview

Real Time Monitoring and Deep Analytics on VoLTE Call Quality

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are highly motivated to move their voice business onto LTE (VoLTE) networks for several reasons such as saving costs against OTT apps.  However, the risk is to find out the call quality and understand its impacts on their subscribers.  GreeNet’s VoLTE Analytics give full visibility to allow CSP to have a deeper insight and analytics in their VoLTE services.


oLTE brings many benefits to both users and CSPs. However, it is with a lot of challenges from call setup, routing, and acquiring the proper network resource for ensuring the quality and the service meets the user expectation. INAS’ VoLTE End-to-End Analytics solution derives the VoLTE awareness and analysis model, with data collected from many different modes of networks, including operation and maintenance center (OMC), and end-to-end bearers from devices, eNodeB, S-GW, P-GW and so on.

Key responsibilities:
  • Network Data Security Monitoring
  • User Awareness Assessment
  • Intelligent Network and Fault Diagnosis
  • Network Optimization

INAS captures and analysis all data, determining R-Factor MOS, and troubleshoots all issues related to voice quality includes muting, jittering, delaying, and garbling.  INAS can determine the root causes of quality issues which can be passed to VoLTE vendors and the OMC team for network improvement.  

By deploying INAS’ VOLTE Analytics, CSPs will be able to drive customer experience to an entirely new level.  The solution captures the unlimited flow of data from thousands of multi-vendor sources, and all connection of VoLTE call and the real-time session is processed.  The end-to-end service quality is measured and diagnosed; it is used to increase the quality of user experience and to identify opportunities missed by traditional solutions.